Q If i don’t have space, can i have the skip on the road?

It is possible to have it on a public road, all thats needed is a permit from your council. Which we can do on your behalf as a registered operator. No permit is required however, if the skip is being placed on private property. Prices vary from council to council but a standard notice period of 5 days prior is required. However, Birmingham council charge £15 per permit.

Q How much is a skip?

It depends on what it’s needed for, therefore giving the idea of the skip size or if its for commercial or personal use. If you know what size is needed or have no idea as to the size, give us a call as we will be able to point you in the right direction

Q When can you deliver?

If you do not require a permit, we can deliver any day of your choosing within our business hours. Due to the fact we are a registered operator, we can obtain a permit the same day and deliver the as well. If for some reason we cannot deliver on the day, we will endeavour to deliver the next day.

Other times only by arrangement

Q How long can i have a skip for?

If you do not need a permit you can hire for as long as you want but if you need a permit the maximum period for a skip on a public road or highway is 7 days, after which another permit is required.

Q If i’m not in can you still deliver?

So far as payment is made prior and instructions have been given to our team as to get on the property, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Q What do i do when i’ve finished using it?

We collect during our business hours. Give us a call to arrange collection when you have finished.

Q What things can’t i put in the skip?

* Any flammables (oils of any kind)

* Asbestos

* Electrical equipments such as: tv’s, cookers, toasters, telephones, computers, microwaves

* Batteries

* Tyres

* Chemicals

Compressed gas

If you are not sure of any items you need to put in please give us a call.

Q Can I mix the waste?

Yes you can mix your waste as we a recycling centre and can sort through them.

Q If i have a wall will it be a problem for delivery?

Please state if you have a wall or fence, so we can deliver using our extra reach loading vehicles.

Q Will there be any damage to my driveway?

It shouldn’t as our qualified drivers take good care. However we advice you to put some wood or cardboard underneath.

Q Is my waste recycled?

Most materials can be recycled such as wood, metal and green waste as our aim is to recycle at least 80% of all waste

Cancellation Policy

The time allowed for loading/unloading is 15 minutes. If the vehicle is kept waiting longer than this SkipHireBirminghamGo.co.uk, reserves the right to charge waiting time. SkipHireBirminghamGo.co.uk reserves the right to charge the customer for all costs incurred as a result of a cancellation or variation of the whole or a substantial part of an order where at least 24 hour notice has not been given, together with loss of profit and all other consequential loss. The standard rate charged for cancellation is 25% of the total order value however, this may vary in certain circumstances. Refund time periods are 24-48 business hours through PayPal, up to 5 business days through bank transfer. Please Contact us on the number below or visit our contact us page for a refund.

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