Here Are Some Guidelines For A Smooth And Effective Commercial Skip Hire


Have you got a large commercial office clear out or a construction project coming up? Hiring a skip is one of the most effective and time efficient ways for businesses to get rid of huge volumes of waste and rubble. There are a number key factors to consider if you want your skip hire to go smoothly. Here we point out some of the most important tips to remember when looking for a commercial sized skip.


Pick The Right Size Skip For The Job


Businesses usually create far more waste than single domestic households. For this reason commercial skips (Roll On Roll Off or RoRo skips), come in variety of sizes that are significantly larger than typical domestic versions. (see our skip sizes here) A typical 8 yard skip for example, can hold up to 8 cubic yards of waste which is around 60 – 80 black bin bags worth of waste and will hold roughly 8 tonnes of material. Our commercial roll on roll off skips start at 20 yards and go up to 40 yards in size and can hold up to 350 -400 bin bags worth of waste.


To give you a very rough idea of how much this capacity can hold, a 20 yard skip can hold up to 220 standard sized black bin bags worth of waste, and a 40 yard skip can hold around twice that much.


You should never try to overfill a skip, as this can make it dangerous or impossible transport. If your skip is too full when we come to pick it up, you will be asked  to remove the excess, which could result in possible extra charges. Do the safe thing and select the correct size that you know is ample enough to get the job done in one session.


Consider The Weight When Filling Your Skip


The weight of your waste is a very important consideration. The commercial roll on roll off skips we hire out to commercial clients are the 20 yard and 40 yard sizes.  The base dimensions for these two sizes are the same, but the height of the walls on the 40 yard version are twice as high meaning the 20 yard skip is best for heavy materials like soil and hardcore. Even though the 40 yard skip has twice the capacity it would be impossible to lift if it was filled with heavy material. The 40 yard skip is best for large quantities of lighter waste like, wood,  furniture, garden waste, and light construction materials.


Obey The Rules For Refused And Banned Substances   


This is a very important thing to remember to gain a smooth hire. There’s a list of banned substances and items that should never be put into a skip on our FAQs page. Many items are deemed hazardous, so they are banned for health and safety reasons. Here are a few examples, clinical waste, pressured cans, paints, liquid concrete or adhesives, engine oils, and petrol are all common prohibited items, click here to see a full list


Pretty much anything that is potentially toxic or explosive is obviously a strong no. If you have such materials in your waste, you should be separating them and making arrangements for specialists to dispose of them using appropriate methods.


Have Your Waste Disposed Of Through Sustainable Methods

If you want to keep your business practices as green as possible, you’ll be want to know your waste is being processed ethically with sustainability in mind. Registered and approved by the Environment Agency, we do all we can to work with disposal facilities that recycle as much as possible. Once you’re waste is taken away, it is carried to a sorting station where your waste is processed carefully. Everything recyclable is separated and reused accordingly. This effort drastically reduces the amount of material that has to be placed within a landfill.


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